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Petrov Institute of Oncology

N.N. Petrov Institute of Oncology, St.-Petersburg, consists of a cancer hospital (405 beds) and research facility (8 laboratories). It provides surgical, therapeutic and radiological treatment for all major types of cancer to 8000 hospital patients per year. The Institute owns large collection of archival tissues (more than a million tumor and normal tissue blocks obtained from 270 000 patients since the year 1926). Research activities include studies of molecular mechanisms of cancer development, chemical carcinogenesis, age-related and endocrine aspects of cancer formation, etc.

N.N. Petrov Institute of Oncology has an extensive expertise in various aspects of cancer research. Patients studies include the evaluation of efficacy of various screening programmes as well as clinical trials of novel treatment approaches. Laboratory expertise is related to the analysis of somatic and inherited mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms, gene expression abnormalities, morphological and immunohistochemical studies, detection of protein cancer markers in various body fluids, animal studies, etc.

N.N. Petrov Institute of Oncology employs more than 200 scientists, highly qualified technical staff as well as researchers-in-training. It is appropriately equipped for the various types of work with patients, contains laboratory rooms, animal building, facilities for the handling of radioactive isotopes, etc.

Department of Tumor Growth Biology

There are several research avenues in this Department

  1. Molecular predictive markers for the choice of cancer therapy
  2. Hereditary breast cancer (search for new genes; drug sensitivity of hereditary tumors)
  3. Approaches aimed to facilitate research on low-penetrance cancer-predisposing alleles
  4. Molecular pathogenesis of bilateral breast cancer