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Lab21 is a rapidly growing healthcare diagnostics business, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic products and services to a wide range of healthcare organisations, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and consumers worldwide.

The Company was established with the vision of providing personalised diagnostic testing for disease identification, disease predisposition and personalised medicine to protect people from the health problems of tomorrow.

The main trading business is focused on two areas:

  • Proprietary molecular diagnostic testing services for patients needing diagnosis and optimised treatment in areas such as cancer and virology. Also providing state-of-the-art molecular testing to pharmaceutical companies needing specialised clinical trial services using state-of-the-art biomarker and molecular diagnostic technologies
  • Proprietary manufactured antibody and antigenbased products, for infectious diseases such as syphilis, CMV, TB and malaria which are sold into worldwide blood banking markets. The current portfolio is continually expanding with a range of proprietary new and improved immunodiagnostic products

Lab21 specialises in the provision of gold standard diagnostic procedures for clinical management and has established exclusive partnerships with global Dx manufacturers to offer a unique portfolio of marketleading services. These include personalised medicine testing in the growing areas of pharmacogenetics and companion diagnostics. This unique combination adds value to earlystage
drug development, clinical trials and regulatory processes in the pharmaceutical industry - and directly to clinicians or healthcare providers as they treat and monitor patients.

LAB21 also owns a growing IP portfolio from which it will generate considerable licensing revenues.

Lab21 is one of the few fullservice diagnostics companies which offers clinical services as well as the complete range of diagnostic product services from R&D through to manufacturing, regulatory approval and global commercialisation.