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Infrastructure and Resources

The IKP is privileged to have large patient and control cohorts for translational Pharmacogenomic studies. These studies have included in the past such topics as drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters on the molecular level as well as breast cancer and leukemia on the disease level. In addition, the IKP has a clinical study unit (ICH certified) integrated into the Robert Bosch Hospital.

One of the most technologically advanced and well-equipped laboratories in Europe, the IKP in addition to standard molecular biology and cell biology laboratories (S1 and S2 standard) maintains a number of high-throughput platforms for nucleic acid extraction, PCR and quantitative real time PCR (Taq-Man), automated sequencing, genomics-, proteomics and epigenomics analyses (Maldi-TOF-MS), microarray technology, analytical chemistry (HPLC, LC MS, GC MS, LC MS MS), etc. Microscopic devices include laser scanning and capture microscope.