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FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN)

This Programme has been successfully completed in September 2013. There have been 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESR of which 5 are already PhD graduates and 8 PhD candidates) and 2 Experienced Researchers (ER) who acquired further qualificartions.

FightingDrugFailure (Grant Agreement Number 238132)

Marie Curie Research Training Networks, an initiative of the Commission of the European Communities, provide training and research experiences for researchers at the beginning of their careers by giving them the opportunity to spend up to three years in another country, as part of an international, high-quality research project. These training networks contribute to knowledge transfer through the promotion of multidisciplinary research and the interaction of researchers on all levels working within the project.

Pharmacogenetics is the scientific discipline that relates inter-individual variation in drug response and efficacy to genetic variation. While there have been major advances in basic genomic knowledge and genotyping technologies, translation into practice has been slow. It is essential we quicken the pace of translational research in pharmacogenomics – at present, we are only just beginning to be able to define which patients are going to respond to drugs, and which patients are going to develop adverse drug reactions.

Priorities and Standards in Pharmacogenomic Standards:
Opportunities for a Safer and More Efficient Pharmacotherapy

In this ITN, our concerted action across the EU, associated countries and an international co-operation partner country in collaboration with US researchers, will train young investigators and clinicians in the principles and scientific basis of Pharmacogenomics in order to establish, evaluate and retrieve relevant genetic information from patients and relate it to clinical outcomes of drug therapy. This will be achieved through sharing patient materials, performing pooled analyses, transferring knowledge and skills across laboratories and utilizing access to high-throughput technology platforms among 5 academic institutions and 3 industry partners. This will enhance translational research, promote uniform drug treatment standards throughout Europe and, ultimately, the world, and improve the competitiveness of the EU in this emerging and exciting new field.


PhD Graduates of the Fighting Drug Failure Network

1. Adviti Naik

2. Monika Lewinska

3. Arian Emami-Riedmaier

4. Tarek Mohamed

5. Joanna Achinger Kawecka